Essays on Inequality XII – Inequality Growth, Taxes, and Federal Debt

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Capitalism, Politics
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How the corporate media fails We The People every single day.

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 * * * * Off the Radar Screen * * * *

Lately I’ve been dismayed at how little meaningful attention is being given to inequality – more precisely, the economics of income and wealth inequality – in the media or on the internet.  So I borrowed this spin radar from a Flickr GeoRadar post to make an important point: This topic is off virtually everyone’s radar screen.  Despite the fact that six months ago Occupy Wall Street and hundreds of other Occupy camps sprang up in America mainly to protest the poor economy, economic injustice and the growing income and wealth disparity between the wealthiest 1% and the bottom 99%, there has been very little detailed discussion of how serious the problem is, and what must be done to correct it.

I can’t stress enough that growing wealth and income inequality is America’s…

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