Video of Jackson Browne‘s song, Lives In the Balance, an animated editorial by Andrew Thomas.

Article excerpts and video clips are provided under the Fair Use doctrine of US Copyright Law under the Educational exception… and also any exceptions that may apply to Citizen Journalists.

gazette is a public journal, a newspaper of record, or simply a newspaper. In English- and French-speaking countries, newspaper publishers have applied the name Gazette since the 17th century; today, numerous weekly and daily newspapers bear the name The Gazette.

Here at The Lefty Gazette our content is updated on an irregular basis, depending on what strikes our fancy. We consider this publication to be a record of issues important to Leftists of whatever flavor.


Aine MacDermot, Editor & Publisher of The Lefty Gazette and curator of the Paper.li newspaper #MMOT – Medical Marijuana on Twitter.

Post-graduate Work: Computer Science Education (8 cr short of my MSci). Bachelor of Science – Education, emphasis on Junior High level: Mathematics, Environmental Studies.

Disabled Woman Veteran, Radioman/IT, US Navy, Cold War.

Former Admin at Blogshares.com, a fantasy stock market trading game based on blog links. Former #2 Columnist (All-Time) at MSNBC-owned Newsvine.com; Founder of the Newsvine Help Group. Volunteer Work at: Carnegie Public Library, Ishpeming, MI (7 years, President of the Library Board & Computer Tutor); Flock (browser); StumbleUpon; AOL User-to-User Tech Support; Moderator/Contributor in many forums, mailing lists, etc. Co-Founder of the now-defunct 3DVRWeb Online Virtual Reality Magazine. Beta Tester at various times for: Electronic Arts, AOL, Google, numerous VR projects, plugins, browsers, etc. Currently a Test Pilot of Google’s CR-48 Chrome Notebook & OS. Likes WordPress and Twitter.


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