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The CIA-front Saudi-terror linked software corporation that made Surveillance-Intervention software for the FAA, NORAD (pre-9/11)

What is briefly covered:

1) Who Indira Singh is
2) What software she (at JP Morgan) & P-tech use
3) What P-tech software is used for (Surveillance-Intervention) by FAA
4) P-Tech connections to Terrorism & Bush shutting down Robert Wright’s investigation (Vulgar Betrayal)
5) P-tech a CIA-front?
6) the Terror-Economy being facilitated by current political economy.


So you want to launch an unmanned aerial vehicle in US airspace? The first step (besides shelling out for one) is to ask the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to fly it above 400 feet. So who’s been cleared for takeoff? Well, as the Electronic Frontier Foundation reports, that’s a secret. The Department of Transportation hasn’t responded to a FOIA request to release its domestic drone data. The FAA has said that as of last September, it had given the green light to 85 users, but it won’t say who they are or what exactly they’re doing.

The EFF is suing for the info, explaining that “As the government begins to make policy decisions about the use of these aircraft, the public needs to know more about how and why these drones are being used to surveil United States citizens.”

via Mother Jones