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Physicist, food activist and thinker Vandana Shiva visits and discusses her program that promotes local and ecological food models – Navdanya.


The seed is the first link in the food chain – and seed sovereignty is the foundation of food sovereignty. If farmers do not have their own seeds or access to open pollinated varieties that they can save, improve and exchange, they have no seed sovereignty – and consequently no food sovereignty.

The deepening agrarian and food crisis has its roots in changes in the seed supply system, and the erosion of seed diversity and seed sovereignty.

Seed sovereignty includes the farmer’s rights to save, breed and exchange seeds, to have access to diverse open source seeds which can be saved – and which are not patented, genetically modified, owned or controlled by emerging seed giants. It is based on reclaiming seeds and biodiversity as commons and public good.

The past twenty years have seen a very rapid erosion of seed diversity and seed sovereignty, and the concentration of the control over seeds by a very small number of giant corporations. In 1995, when the UN organised the Plant Genetic Resources Conference in Leipzig, it was reported that 75 per cent of all agricultural biodiversity had disappeared because of the introduction of “modern” varieties, which are always cultivated as monocultures. Since then, the erosion has accelerated.

via The seed emergency: The threat to food and democracy – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

Income inequality has been on the rise on a global scale. Currently there are two global forums that are discussing possible solutions to close that gap. Some believe that the one percent is in Davos while on the other hand World Social Forum is more for the 99 percent. But is there really a difference? Mike Norman, chief economist at John Thomas Financial, joins us to take a deeper look.