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From the UN-bashing neo-con John Bolton, to “the flies on eyeballs” Cofer Black – the GOP Presidential hopefuls are receiving their foreign policy advice from some quite questionable characters. RT’s Anastasia Churkina reports.


Chris Hedges: “Obama Has Broken Almost Every Campaign Promise He Made In 2004”

Preacherlike, the president draws the crowd into a call-and-response. “Do you think the millionaire ought to pay more in taxes than the bus driver,” he demands, “or less?”

The crowd, sounding every bit like the protesters from Occupy Wall Street, roars back: “MORE!”

The year was 1985. The president was Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Today’s Republican Party may revere Reagan as the patron saint of low taxation. But the party of Reagan – which understood that higher taxes on the rich are sometimes required to cure ruinous deficits – is dead and gone. Instead, the modern GOP has undergone a radical transformation, reorganizing itself around a grotesque proposition: that the wealthy should grow wealthier still, whatever the consequences for the rest of us.

Modern-day Republicans have become, quite simply, the Party of the One Percent – the Party of the Rich.

“The Republican Party has totally abdicated its job in our democracy, which is to act as the guardian of fiscal discipline and responsibility,” says David Stockman, who served as budget director under Reagan. “They’re on an anti-tax jihad – one that benefits the prosperous classes.”

via How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich | Politics News | Rolling Stone.

The GOP debates have given the American people many things to make fun of – and worry about. Bill Maher, along with other comedians, have poked fun at the things the GOP candidates have said regarding foreign policy. Many believe that the stance of some members of the Republican Party could be dangerous to America. Abby Martin, journalist and founder of Media Roots, joins us for more.