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RTAmerica : About ten years ago the US occupied Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. The war in Afghanistan has become one of the longest wars in US history. The war on terror in Afghanistan is considered a quagmire and many wonder what went wrong. Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone reporter who is responsible for ending Stanley McChrystal‘s career, joins us to find out what went wrong in Afghanistan.


The U.S. intelligence community says in a secret new assessment that the war in Afghanistan is mired in stalemate, and warns that security gains from an increase in American troops have been undercut by pervasive corruption, incompetent governance and Taliban fighters operating from neighboring Pakistan, according to U.S. officials.

The sobering judgments, laid out in a classified National Intelligence Estimate completed last month and delivered to the White House, appeared at odds with recent optimistic statements by Pentagon officials and have deepened divisions between U.S. intelligence agencies and American military commanders about progress in the decade-old war.

The detailed document, known as an NIE, runs more than 100 pages and represents the consensus view of the CIA and 15 other U.S. intelligence agencies. Similar in tone to an NIE prepared a year ago, it challenges the Pentagon’s claim to have achieved lasting security gains in Taliban strongholds in southern Afghanistan, according to U.S. officials who have read or been briefed on its contents.

via LA Times